How to ruin a perfectly good picnic…

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It’s our second day in Seattle, and we got to experience the thunderous roar of NHRA Top Fuel drag racing.

Corey came up with a great idea — let’s head to a local park and fire up the grill and grill us up some steaks. We were hungry, and I hear the parks here in Seattle are gorgeous. Let’s do it!!!

We stop by the Fred Meyer to pick up a few last-minute items. Cool, now it’s time to head to the park.

First park — no parking, can’t find the grills, and just lots of people. That’s cool, let’s move on to the next one. We come to East Park. Perfect, one parking stall, a pavilion and a grill! We unload our gear and Corey fires up the grill.

That’s when our friend “Cracker Jack” saunters up toward the pavilion we happened to be in. The man has a can of Bailey’s and a bottle of “Cola”. He’s not homeless, he’s not violent, and he’s rather well-dressed and clean-cut. The only problem — he’s drunk. He had shown too much of an interest in the girls. First duty for Corey and myself, make sure nothing happens to them. After a bunch of nonsensical back-and-forths, he finally gets a phone call that gets him off my back, for now.

During his phone conversation, he starts saying things that make me feel extremely uncomfortable like “Man, these folks are barbecuing and making me all hungry!” and the kicker “Oh man, you’re where? Oh yeah, that’s close enough.” Now, he may have been talking about something completely different, but that’s enough to make me want to leave. So now we’re sitting in Corey’s driveway, getting ready to have those steaks he started cooking in the park. Corey just hung up a dart board he’s been meaning to hang up, and I’m about to head over there for a game. Now that’s a prime example of turning a negative into a positive!

Just thought I’d share our adventure with you! Hope to be back on here with more tales. Till then — ta!


The cobwebs have collected…

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Yikes. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually blogged about anything.

And I’m not about to start right now.


Valentine’s Weekend, Continued!

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Well, it’s Sunday. Happy Extended Valentine’s Weekend to you all! We spent the day doing a lot of eating.

Since we’re just cruising and taking it easy, we ended up waking up a bit late. Actually, I woke up late.

After getting ourselves ready, we decided to do a bit of walking. We also had to figure out where to eat. The problem – It was about 2:30, and I made dinner reservations for 5:30. We decided to find something small to share in order to not ruin our appetites for dinner.

We walked through the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center and stopped at about every eatery along the way to check out a menu. Hmm, all of them seemed a little too expensive.

Along the way, we had to stop and refill our supply of “Chip & Cookie” cookies. You may otherwise know the man behind their magic as Wally “Famous” Amos. Sure, Famous Amos cookies suck these days. Chip & Cookie cookies — now that’s the real deal.


After much debate, we decided to head back to the Beachwalk. We passed Giovanni Pastrami (where I still want to go), and looked across the way. To the Yard House we traipsed, to check out the menu. Okay! Let’s go to the Yard House!


One can describe the Yard House’s ambience as hip, yet slightly, oh nevermind I’m not good at this kind of thing. It’s cool. Kalena thinks it’s freakin’ cold. I believe the weather had something to do with it. If you’re into beer, this is your kind of place. Over a hundred beers on tap (I think they’re on tap). I looked for Asahi Super Dry. Fail.

We decided to split an appetizer and entree. Sweet! Lobster, blue crab, and artichoke dip! FTW! Joel U. would give it the shaka. I think. Here are some pics of it.



For the entree, we decided to go with Parmesan Crusted Chicken. When it arrived, it looked so good, we dug in right away. I even forgot take pictures. Yum yum, eat ’em up! Pau.

Okay, time to walk it off, and not the way Facuese would. Two hours to digest a fairly big, albeit shared, meal. A-strolling we went. Not much to mention here, but one store’s signage caught my eye. I believe their name could be considered a bit lofty. What if I considered their wares not “So Good?”


After a brief stop at the hotel room to get ready, it’s time to push off (shall we?) to dinner.

Through work, I heard about a restaurant called “The Ocean House.” In fact, you can learn more about them here. We arrive right on time for our 5:30 reservation, and got seated quickly. At first, the sun decided to show off its full glory — right in my face. So, I switched seats at least for the time being.



Appetizer of the day: I can’t really remember the description, because it took the waiter more than 30 seconds to explain it. But boy — FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it was something like “Blue Crab Cake with Seared Ahi, and something something about stuff on top and various sauces.” Long name notwithstanding, we give this dish a thumbs up!

For dinner, Kalena pretty much knew what she wanted. Prime Rib – the Ocean House cut. Medium Rare with Garlic Mashed Potatoes. We got to taste this when we did our segment for them. It was winnahs back then, and it’s even more winnahs fresh from the kitchen.

I decided to go with the Seafood Linguine. Talk about packing a seafood punch, in the best way! Clams, shrimp, lobster, fish, scallops. All on a bed of linguine with a sauce that I can’t describe, but enjoyed very much.

Unfortunately, the food was so so good (even better than the So Good store), that I forgot to take pictures again. I finally remembered to take a picture when we got our dessert. Sweet tooth! We ordered a vanilla bean creme brulee. Decadent, heavenly, sinful (is that not a paradox?), luscious, and all those other risque sounding adjectives. Here’s a picture to show you what I mean.


For ambience, the Ocean House has got it down. Oceanfront dining with spectacular sunset views from any seat in the restaurant. Lucky us, we were right on the beach with the best view possible! Pictures below.






So. Full. So. So. Full. On our way back to the hotel room, we passed a girl so intoxicated she could barely stand up on her own. When you get so drunk that you end up crying about being so drunk, you have a problem. Also, she claims that she could never get a break. I wonder why. Nevermind the fact that you’re walking barefoot around Waikiki.

Now we’re back! We’re still trying to decide what to do. Maybe we’ll walk around a little just for funsies. On the other hand, this hotel room is so cool, we may end up just hanging out here. I may even end up taking a shower again just for fun. That thing is more than twice the size of my shower at home.


Hope you enjoyed your stay here. If you’d like to see more pictures from our jaunt, please check out my Flickr!This is one of my longer posts, but that’s because I haven’t updated in a while. I’ll talk to you all again, soon! ‘Til then — ta!

Update: Decided to venture out into the night again. At about 11pm, Kalena and I headed out to Giovanni Pastrami. When we got there, we decided we weren’t really hungry. Looked into a couple of places, but they were all playing music at indecent volumes. Finally stopped in at Moose McGillicuddy’s. I’ve only really heard of that place. I’ve never been there. Went in, sat down, nice girl came by to take our orders. Oh, but first, low-key dude came by and gave us some popcorn.

Kalena ordered a Parrot Bay Lava Flow. I ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. Now here’s the funny thing. I’m not a drinker by any means. I’ll have one every now and again, but not on a regular basis. I thought that a Long Island Iced Tea was one of those “girly” mixed drinks. You know, the kind that gets you laughed at when you order it. After I finished it (and it was quite a tall glass) the waitress came by and asked if we wanted anything else. I said maybe… but I’m not really a drinker and she kind of looked at me funny. She then says “You’re not a drinker and you’re drink a Long Island?!” Oops. Come to find out there were like 3 or more shots in the damned drink. Fail. Oh well, I’ll know better next time! Now it’s time to pack and prepare for an early morning. Thanks for listening to me ramble. ‘Til next time – Ta!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I’ve always tried to be a good boyfriend. That notwithstanding, I’ve slipped up every now and again. Unfortunately, I kind of flubbed up Valentine’s day a couple of years ago.

So now, I’m sitting on the floor of our hotel room. Illuminated only by lamplight, the room is as cool as the pictures I saw on the internet indicated.

Kalena and I will be hanging out here, and also traipsing around Waikiki tomorrow. It’s fun to play tourist! We’ll then sit down to a nice dinner at the Ocean House. They didn’t have any openings for Saturday night, understandably.

I’ll try and get some pics on here or on Facebook. Till then, Happy Valentine’s Day! Ta!

A quick update…

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Well, the holidays have certainly come and gone in a flash. Just a quick update — everything’s been pretty much ok. The only thing that sucked had to be falling victim to fever and chills on New Year’s Eve, and then having to wait for hours at the ER on New Year’s Day. Doctors diagnosed a skin infection, but later looked more to be a bug bite.

Other than that, things have been going along pretty normally. Mom is here for a visit, and we plan to get together a little more this week. The Band Formerly Known as Dirty Thunder will be back on stage this weekend. Not at OnStage, but at a long-time friend’s wedding. Who knows where our musical journey (ha ha) will lead us after that.

Haven’t been blogging much. Guess I’ve been busy with work, and all that other stuff that seems to get in the way. You know, life, and such.

Till next time — ta!

The axe falls…

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They’re tightening the belt at work.

And people I’ve worked alongside are being let go. “It’s nation wide,” they tell us. Still, that doesn’t help ease the pain. It’s like you’re fighting a battle — you’re down in the trenches, and you’re watching your fellow team members being picked off one by one.

Fortunately, I’ll survive to see a new day.

But for those who became the casualties of this economic war — I salute you.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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At least, it is around my house.

Got my Christmas lights up outside, my little light-up Christmas house inside. I burn the Cinammon Pecan Swirl candle nightly, and it smells great! And to top it all off — I got a Christmas tree! A real one! I know, some of you may have a Christmas tree every year. But for me — this is the first real tree we’ve had in this house for a long, long time. Oh, how I love the smell of a Christmas tree. I’m going to try and coax Kalena to help me decorate it this week. She’s been  so busy with school, that poor dear. She barely gets any sleep these days. Anyhow, here a couple of pictures.





That’s it for now. The holiday season is upon us! Ta!